Design Impact is a global design leadership speaker series sponsored by the Harvard Graduate School of Design Alumni Council. These virtual events bring together outstanding rosters of global leaders to share their work and vision, challenging us as a global community to use design as a tool for actionable, transformative change, and healing. This ongoing series is free and open to all.

Watch Previous Design Impact Events - Vol. 4 Regeneration: Design Strategies for a Resilient Future 

Design Impact Vol. 4: Regeneration: Design Strategies for a Resilient Future sponsored by the Harvard Graduate School of  Design Alumni Council, examines alternative philosophies, initiatives and design practices within the framework of Regeneration, for a more holistic approach to ensuring a sustainable future.  The panel will explore the potential for regenerative practices to shift our cultural, economic, social and ecological drivers for new whole systems design. Regionally driven and specific to the geological, climactic, historical and cultural traditions of place, regenerative initiatives advocate low-impact, healing and high quality lifestyles, integrating modern clean and renewable technologies with indigenous wisdom. They emphasize community building, inclusiveness, and foster a relational perspective with ecosystems that is  inspired by a reverence for the wisdom inherent in nature. The event is organized into two panels. The first, “Regeneration: A Paradigm Shift,” will introduce the concept of Regenerative Thinking. The second, “Regenerative Design: Systems, Technologies and Strategies” will present diverse tools for practice. Both panels will be followed by a moderated discussion and an audience question and answer session. 

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